Elective Share Rulings

Under Florida law, a surviving spouse can elect to receive 30% of the elective share estate of his or her deceased spouse, in lieu of receiving what was left to the surviving spouse under the decedent’s estate planning documents. This prevents a spouse from entirely cutting a surviving spouse out of his or her Last Will and other dispositive documents.

In determing what makes up the total value of the elective estate (against which the 30% is multiplied), Florida Statutes provide a listing of what to include. They also provide a listing, in Fla.Stats. §732.2055, of what is allowed to reduce the size of that estate for purposes of the 30% computation…

ACE J. BLACKBURN, JR., CHRIS A. ECONOMOU, GUS MORFIDIS and JOAN S. WAGNER, as Personal Representatives of the Estate of Konstantinos Boulis, a/k/a, Gus Boulis, Appellants, v. EFROSINI BOULIS a/k/a FRANCES BOULIS, Appellee. 4th District. Case Nos. 4D14-1579 and 4D14-2048. January 20, 2016.

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