Business Protection from Payroll Provider Fraud

Many businesses rely on third parties to handle their payroll, including making withholding deposits with the IRS on behalf of the business. Way too often, the payroll provider will embezzle the funds and not pay them over to the IRS.

In this circumstance, the business is still on the hook for the unpaid employment taxes. To add insult to injury, if the IRS takes a hard line it will usually be successful in obtaining interest and penalties from the business. This is based on the view of the courts that a taxpayer’s duty to file returns and pay taxes is nondelegable. For a recent example where the employer was held responsible for interest and penalties, see Kimdun, Inc. v. U.S., 118 AFTR 2d 2016-5508 (DC CA 2016).

So what can employers do to protect themselves? . . .

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