IRS Attempts Collection Against Surviving Spouse and Marital Deduction Property

In a recent U.S. District Court case from the Southern District of California, the court ruled on several motions to dismiss relating to the IRS’ attempt to impose liability on a surviving spouse for estate taxes on the estate of her decedent husband, even though the property received by the surviving spouse was eligible for the marital deduction. The IRS attempted various approaches. Some of the more interesting approaches are discussed below, along with the court’s resolution.
The facts are somewhat lengthy. Boiling them down to the key aspects, Allen Paulson (the decedent) entered into a prenuptial agreement with his spouse-to-be, Madeleine Pickens. The agreement included obligations for Mr. Paulson to make certain gifts to Ms. Pickens when he died. Mr. Paulson’s living trust made provisions for Ms. Pickens, but gave her the ability to elect to receive either under the prenuptial agreement or the living trust provisions. The living trust provided for substantial gifts to a marital trust.

After Mr. Paulson’s death . . .

U.S. v. Paulson, Case No. 3:15-cv-02057, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (September 6, 2016)

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