IRS Audit Instructions for Outbound Section 482 Transactions

Code Section 482 requires taxpayers that conduct related party sales and transactions to use arms-length pricing. Section 482 particularly applies to international transactions given the possibility to shift taxable income out of the United States by overcharging or undercharging in these transactions.

Taxpayers who violate these pricing rules can be subject to a 20% adjustment penalty, or at times a 40% adjustment penalty. However, if taxpayers at the time of the transaction make a good-faith effort to compute a fair arms-length price and properly document their efforts, even if the IRS later adjusts the pricing, the 40% penalty will not apply. Treasury regulations provide what documentation and analysis is required of the taxpayer. Generally, this documentation and analysis must be provided to the IRS within 30 days of an IRS request.

In a recent International Practice Unit (IPU) advice, the IRS provides steps…

Review of Transfer Pricing Documentation by Outbound Taxpayers (ISO/PUO/P_1.7_02(2014)) (Mar. 4, 2016)

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