The Stealthy Tax Increase in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Ever since the Reagan Administrative, tax brackets have been indexed for inflation. This avoids bracket creep when taxpayers move into a higher tax bracket because inflation pushes up their income. The thinking is that inflation increases are not real increases in earnings, so the rate tables should be indexed to avoid tax increases arising solely from inflation. This seems like less of an issue today with relatively tame inflation rates, but remember that inflation went into the teens in some years in the1970’s making bracket creep a big issue.

The new Act changes rate indexing and other Code indexing from the former Consumer Price Index (CPI) to a new creation known as “chained CPI.” Chained CPI is an adjustment to CPI that reduces the inflation rate by attempting to factor in human behavior that when prices rise, some consumers will look for less expensive substitute products, so that the overall inflation is lower than it would first appear when measured by actual spending.

So was chained CPI brought in due to a desire. . .

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